Two words about us

Way back in 1803 a family Feltre began the business of catering, inn and stagecoach recovery, changing horses, shoeing some horses that had been launched. This activity continued until 1918, when the family bought the Canal and local ran it until after the Second World War. Later succeeded the Bagatella and Dalla Zanna.
When, in 1963 Gideon Girardi, returning from Canada where he had emigrated to nine years, he found his money invested in a dilapidated structure, decided to renew it. From that moment began the legendary '60s and' 70s. Facts of ballads in the rotunda of French and Milanese who ristoravano hot summers in between games of bocce and ballads with the jukebox.
During this administration, I was born in 1969, the second after Mirko (1965) from mother Lina: I saw an epic move with some regret, I think I lost the best years where every night was a party (Marco Mancinelli, Piva, Joani Picenin, Dario Baracoa, Joani Brombol, etc.). From 1985 to 1993 managed the premises Govoni Gabriele.
Then my father put me at a crossroads: to sell or take in the local management. I then experienced goldsmith, caught the ball: After opening the situation was not the happiest, but slowly we returned the meeting place after work, before dinner or after a ball game. It's already been 8 years old, I got married and were born Luca and Francesco.